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Hello and welcome to our new blog, where you’ll find articles covering various topics on what it is to be human and ways to live with greater peace, clarity and purpose. In a world that can seem busy, loud, chaotic and stressful, it is no surprise that many of us become overwhelmed by life and that in turn, our minds become cluttered, angry and worrisome. We at The Morning Mind are hoping that our articles will be able to help you to think and see things with more clarity, to de-clutter and de-stress so that you can go about your life with more peace, harmony and greater well-being.  


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much contentment would you say that you have in your life right now? Are you peaceful on a day to day basis, or is your life filled with ‘clutter’ and endless things to do? Are you truly present to the life you’re living now, or are you always waiting for that next day off or that next holiday? If you feel like you could do with more peace, more purpose, more clarity and a greater sense of joy, then this blog is for you. We’ll be writing about mindfulness, about the mind and how to gain greater mastery over it, and how to be more in touch with yourself so as to discern what you truly enjoy doing and what you could possibly discard.


We will each be writing articles and rotating posts week by week, posts that will cover various topics and may not always align. While our opinions may vary at times our goal remains the same, to offer an alternative way of thinking, a different way of seeing the world and to use these clearer perceptions to change people’s lives. To give clarity, freedom, peace, purpose and joy.


Stay tuned for our first full article on Monday 17th December.


Jack & George

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  1. Max

    Be interested in seeing what you guys come up with – if you can set up a safe space for people to share their stories willingly, it could be great. It won’t be easy but nothing worth doing ever is. Would like to know if you would have other bloggers on this site?

    1. morningmind

      Hi Max, thanks for commenting. It’s early days at the moment but possibly in the future, we could feature other bloggers. Thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy the content.

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