How Telling the Truth can Calm Social Anxiety

social anxiety

Social stuff can be tricky. Meeting new people, making new friends and even getting together with your existing friends has started to feel daunting for many people, with the National Institute of Mental Health citing ‘an estimated 7.1% of U.S. adults had [a] social anxiety disorder in the past year.’ It seems that many of us are getting so caught up in self-consciousness that we are crippling our own social lives and leaving ourselves isolated. While there are many ways of overcoming this, I’d like to talk to you about a very simple solution that provides fast results, one that will get you socialising again in no time. The Truth.

Telling the truth is beneficial in many ways, a lot of which relate to the fears around social situations and you might be surprised by just how much a little honesty can help. Here are just a few of the benefits…

How the Truth Helps with Social Anxiety:

  • You don’t have to maintain lies – Telling the truth is very freeing, it means that we no longer have anything to hide from the people around us. It means we can relax and feel more comfortable, without worrying that people will catch us in a lie.
  • You create genuine connections – When we lie to people we hold back a part of ourselves from them. It’s likely that they will sense this in some way and, in turn, hold back from us. With the truth, we drop any barriers between us and whoever we are establishing a relationship with.
  • Honesty creates more honesty – Honesty is a respected and valued trait, one which breeds more of the same. You will find that the more honest you are with people, the more honest they will be with you. This combined truth will then remove any awkwardness in the encounter.
  • We become more comfortable in ourselves – Most importantly, telling your truth will gradually make you feel more comfortable in yourself. You will begin to realise that as you start telling the truth to others, you start accepting that truth for yourself. This acceptance and appreciation of who you are is the first step in creating self-confidence.

So, if social situations are getting you down and you’re looking for a way to let go of it, why not start by trying the truth? You’ll be surprised at how freeing it feels. 

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