How To Meditate

Meditation can have an incredible impact upon our daily lives and our mental health. For us, it has become a vital component in living healthily and well. Here we give some tips on different forms of meditation and how to meditate.

Core Meditation

The most essential and beneficial form of meditation. This practice consists of (ideally) sitting in the lotus or half lotus position while focusing your complete attention on your breath. Allowing your mind to become clear and empty for the duration of the meditation.

Contemplation Meditation

Similar to the Core Meditation to begin with, but after achieving focus, the practitioner begins to contemplate the nature of a chosen object/subject etc. For example, we might want to think on the nature of self, how the self came to exist, physically and mentally, as well as the connections between self and other. Or perhaps we might contemplate an issue we are facing, experience every angle of the issue, realising the reality of it and mentally overcoming it.

Mantra Meditation 

Similar to the Core Meditation but after achieving focus the practitioner begins to repeat a mantra or affirmation in their mind, with the goal of achieving the affirmation. For example, if the practitioner wanted to achieve a state of calm, they could repeat the words ‘I feel peaceful, I am calm.’ In theory, the repetition of the phrase will convince the mind and then body that the practitioner is calm. This should be done while maintaining alert breathing.

Visual Meditation

Again, begin with the basics of the Core Meditation and when focus has been achieved the practitioner can begin to visualise an image in their mind of something they want to achieve. The idea being, that by repeating this process the practitioner can attract what he/she is visualising. Those who believe in the law of attraction will often use this form of meditation to achieve goals.

For a more in-depth break down of the effects and benefits of meditation, check out our post on the benefits of meditation. Headspace also offer some great advice and insight on how to meditate.