What is The Morning Mind All about?

The Morning Mind is about people, its about us, our brains, our minds, our lives, our loves. It’s about thoughts, thinkers, different thinking, feelings. It’s about waking up, lifting the fog, being present and stepping out of the head. It’s about the head, about our illness, our problems, physical and mental health. It’s bright and light and true and wise. It’s about mental training, peace, meditation, motivations. The lost souls of this young generation. Mindfulness, world issues and problems. Solutions, simplicity. Just about life, for those of us who are struggling who need help, motivation, inspiration, support, who need some life in their lives, who need some joy. It’s about us, we, togetherness, humans as a whole, human beings, humans helping humans, oneness. It’s about self help, about normalising spirituality, realising it is part of humanity. Healthy living in the modern world. Passion and purpose.

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The People Behind The Morning Mind - Who Are We?

the morning mind

Jack - Founder/Writer

Jack is currently a student, writer and blogger living in Hampshire, England. He is in the process of writing a book about the mind and how we see the world. How each and every one of us can think and feel more clearly and therefore gain more joy, purpose and passion in our lives. Having let go of mental illness himself, Jack is ready to help others do the same. He is committed to the mental health of humanity and hopes that The Morning Mind can begin to make a change in the world and in people’s minds.

George - Writer

George is a writer, blogger and vlogger currently living in Brighton, on the South Coast of England. He has just finished his very first novel, The Man, The Master and The Mountain, which is now available to buy on Amazon. He is passionate about people, how we think and how our minds shape the way we live, and much of what he writes concerns these topics. He has been a student of self-help for many years and is a graduate of the Landmark Forum, a course designed to bring about big shifts in the way we communicate with each other and how we act. George is passionate about language and languages, and believes that communication is the key to solving almost all interpersonal problems. He is fluent in English and Russian.

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