The Morning Mind: Mental Health Blog

Welcome to The Morning Mind, a blog covering all aspects of mental health and well-being. Here you’ll find articles on depression, anxiety and meditation, to name just a few, as well as other modern day problems that we face.

We try to publish once a month and hope that what’s written here can help you or those around you, with your own mental health struggles.

mental health blog

 To see a list of our posts, visit the Blog Page. For posts specific to mental health, check out our categories on the right hand sidebar. Some of our posts are also available in audio format, for those who prefer to listen and we’re also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Why not get started with some of our most popular posts? Living In Our Heads is our first ever post and discusses where we as humans dedicate most of our attention. Taking Responsibility For Your Whole Life is about just that, being responsible for us, owning who we are and the power and freedom that gives us. Lastly, Clearing Depression is a blog post specific to that aspect of mental health, offering experience of suffering with depression as well as overcoming it. We hope that these posts, as well as all the others can help you overcome your own mental health issues and help you to lead a more joyful, happy life. Enjoy.